Posted on: Mar 14, 2019

Winery Day Trip : Scalani Hills Boutari Winery

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A new era for Crete, since now has the image of a very active and dynamic area of production of quality wines, being characterized by the uniqueness of grape varieties grown as well.

It has permanently escaped from the image of the region of meaningless wine mass production that was much to its unjust and is moving towards a wine destination of high added value.

Especially in Heraklion region, there are some great wineries that proudly boast Crete’s ancient and modern love affair for premium wine.

Let's visit today the Scalani Hills Boutari Winery, nearby Knossos Minoan Palace and the historical village of Archanes.

Scalani Hills Boutari Winery offers a great Wine Tasting Course.

The resident Boutari oenologist offers a basic course on wine tasting, during which visitors can explore this mystical art through all the senses and learn the historic secrets associated with wine and its production.

Fantaxometocho Estate in Greek, “Fantaxometocho” means “the haunted domain”. The name that was given to the place “Fantaxometocho” was taken by the legend that was created in order to protect the domain from pirates. Today, it’s the place where Boutari, one of the largest Greek wine producers, has established its winery in Crete.

Fantaxometocho estate is surrounded by 7 hectares vineyards and situated within the Arhanes vine-growing region, a district producing “Appellation of Origin” (A.O.C.) wines.It lies on the road towards the village of Myrtia, birthplace of the famous Greek writer Kazantzakis and it is very close to the archaeological place of Knossos.

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