Posted on: 06/03/2024 12:03:00

15th of August, A Great Celebration In Crete, Greece

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The sun is shining in the sky and we are in the very heart of Summer and Greece celebrates the Dormition of Virgin Mary.

As you maybe already have understood, religious festivals and saints’ days in Greece are always a big deal.

Either you are in the city (Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra), on the islands or in a picturesque village (Sfakia, Kerasia, Keratokambos, Apokoronas etc.) of the mainland, tradition is kept with reverence. 

Religious festivals and saints’ days in Crete, Greece are always a great event as they bring families together. The celebration of Virgin Mary, or Panagia (All-Saintly), is on August 15, the biggest religious event in Greece after Easter and Christmas.

The feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day, celebrates the day that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven following her death, according to popular Christian belief. It is the principal feast day of the Virgin Mother.

If you are (we hope so) in Crete enjoying a lovely holiday and especially near Heraklion, and of course you want to experience a traditional celebration of August 15th, head to Venerato village and enjoy this religious atmosphere, devotion and respect. This old and giant tree outside the Monastery of Panagia Paliani is also linked with the icon of Virgin Mary and traditional myths that date back many centuries. And of course don't leave the church without a small branch from the mirtia tree for good luck in the future! 

Wherever you are in Crete or Greece, make sure you enjoy this very special day ... join a a panigiri somewhere nearby. Ask any local and they will be able to tell where and what time it will be taking place.