5 Best Tips To Improve Fuel Efficiency

#1 - Read the road ahead
One of the most effective methods to save fuel is to be aware of what’s going on around you. Look ahead and anticipate the conditions of the road and anything that may require you to slow down or stop — such as traffic lights or someone pulling over or parking.By reading what is coming up, you’ll not only save fuel by starting to slow down early, you’ll also be a safer driver.xerokambos crete, drive smoothy, road crete, car hire

#2 - Turn off the air-conditioning (yes even in Crete)
During Spring or later Summer in case that air-conditioning isn’t really needed then don’t use it. Climate control considerably increases fuel consumption at lower speeds, but when travelling faster the effects are far less noticeable.

#3 - Drive smoothly
Avoid to accelerating and slamming on your breaks is one of the best ways to needlessly waste benzin. You will be surprised from the fuel amount you could save (up to 60%) driving in this manner.When pulling away from traffic lights, try to accelerate gently and change into a higher gear as soon as it is safe to do so.traffic lights, crete driving, crete car rental

#4 - Stick to the speed limit
Doing 110km/h on the motorway will use between 10% and 20% more fuel than sticking to the national speed limit of 90km/h. Through observing the speed limit, you may also make considerable additional savings on speeding fines and insurance premiums due to points on your licence.

#5 - Avoid or combine short trips
No matter how tempting it may be to jump in the car to pick up your Sunday papers or to collect the children from a school less than half-a-mile away, try to walk instead or combine a number of errands.

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